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Rabeschadel Studs
The great black bird, famous for it's prophetic powers, being Odin's messengers and capable of foret..
Elizabethan Earrings
A symbol of a condemned and secret love from the age of Shakespeare.   ..
Night Sky Earring
A colony of nocturnal bats arise against the stars, to silently invade the tranquility of the night...
Mortuarium Earrings (Pair)
A brace of grim and sober cerebral cases, staring deeply into the oblivion of a long-past mortal exi..
Ignominiously dancing to the tune of eternal freedom, this devil's fool flaunts the sobriety of mort..
Dragon's Lure Head Stud
The head from and complement to the famous dragon ear-wrap.   ..
Heart's Blood Studs
Swarovski crystals glitter just under the surface of the clear, blood read enamel.   ..
Dragon Orb Claw Stud
Dragon's talon (7mm) with the end of an 8mm topaz crystal orb clutched by dragon's claws.   ..
Tor Dragon Stud
Spine'd 8mm tail with dragon's head end.   ..
Serket Stud
Symbol of the eponymous, ancient Egyptian goddess - protector against scorpion stings.   ..
The Harvester Earring
The Grim Reaper's soul-taker, and symbol for the end of mortal life. The scythe wraps over the ear w..
Bestia Regalis Studs
Dramatically elegant regal beasts, articulated to attract enviable attention; with Emerald Swarovski..
Impalare Stud
Pierced by the enduring symbol of sacrifice. Black-enamelled cross piercing the earlobe. With surgic..
Whitby Wyrm Studs
The image of an English legend. With surgical steel posts. (Pair)   ..
Mortal Remains Earring
Traces of human existence cling desperately to life. With surgical steel post.   ..
Queen Of The Night (Pair)
The epitome of wickedness. A Swarovski crystal-heavy pair of Baroque earrings.   ..
Bleeding Heart (Pair)
Dripping with bloody crystals, betraying the emotional grief inside.   ..
Razor Studs
The cutting edge of auricular fashion.   ..
Matins Earrings (Pair)
The name of the night prayer service in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, and the ti..
Chaosium Cuff Stud Earring
A Hematine cabochon, chaos-arrow stud. With shackled cuff.   ..
Diamond Pall Cuff Stud Earring
Crystal-rich afterlife fetter.   ..
Spike Cuff Stud
Piercing statement.   ..
Coeur Noir Cuff Studd
Fettered, dark passion, displayed by the enamelled black heart.   ..
Morticia Stud
An amethyst crystal droplet suspended from the talons of a volitant bat.   ..
Pentagram Cuff Stud
Mystical seal of success.   ..
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