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Nevermore Compact Mirror
Gaze upon your mortal reflection under the scrutiny of Poe's mocking Raven. Approx. width 9cm. We..
Time Chronambulator Desk Clock
The beating heart of the pan-dimensional adventurer's clockwork time machine. Approx. height 12cm. ..
Heart Of Otranto Chalice Bowl
Created for Manfred, Lord of Otranto, at the zenith of medieval artistic endeavour as both a wedding..
Heart Of Otranto Candlestick
Bearing an eternally lit candle at the highest window of Castle Otranto. So as to guide home the los..
Angel Of Hades Skull
Even in the deepest, darkest circles of hell redemption may rise on secret wings. Approx. height 13c..
Artemesia Absinthium Wall Clock
Beguiled by the mortiferous fey spirit of bohemian Montmartre, this verdant time-piece inspires and ..
Spring Heeled Jill Jewellery Box
Extraordinary motoric assistentia shoe of the female rejoinder to the revered gaslight fiend of old ..
Lady Tablot's Retrospector Hand Mirror
Constance Talbot's revolutionary spectronic affinity glass allows the subject to glimpse a semblance..
The Laidly Relic Wall Plaque
The Laidly Relic Wall Plaque ..
Oracle of Narcissus Dressing Table Mirror
Oracle of Narcissus Dressing Table Mirror   ..
Poe's Raven
Poe's Raven. ..
Corvus Alchemica
Corvus Alchemica ..
The Stormgrave Chronometer
Professor Stormgrave's patent celestial chronometer, mapping the forces that govern the passing of e..
Paladin's Tithe Box
Final resting place for the keepsakes of the tragic, but inevitable, interlude between Birth and Dea..
Draco Artorius Box
Merlin's fabled serpent sleeps his eternal guard, custodian to the tomb of the once and future king...
Speculum Mirror
The latin inscription reads 'all things change and we with them', the mirror reveals a horrifying me..
Black Angel Hand Mirror
One of the most alluring of the high order of angels, invoked by the Sigilum Aemeth, Doctor John Dee..
Fate of Narcissus Hand Mirror
Stare long enough into the argent pool and one inescapable destiny shall befall all, be they God or ..
Signum Draconis Candle Holder
Empowering generations of holy knights with the strength and conviction to fulfil their sacred oath...
Light Of Asrael Candle Holder
The Day of Judgement's guiding light, to lead the penitent to lands 'east of the sun and west of the..
The Amzer Oracle T-Light Holder
The harvester of souls contemplates the ephemeral flame of humanity in the eternity of night. Please..
Erasmus Darwin's Steam-Cerebrum
The last and greatest creation to be attributed to the Bedlam Institute of Galvanic Studies. &nbs..
Alchemist Gear Knob
The original philosophus magus, guiding the traveller to the path of enlightenment.   ..
Lapillus Worry Skull
A diminutive yet uncanny skull to comfort and guide a troubled soul.   ..
Omega Skull
Life-sized Alchemist's skull in aged bone-resin, carved over it's entire surface with all the symbol..
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