Alchemy's armwear items are all hand cast in Fine English Pewter, many with additional high quality crystals, Swarovski Elements and other components.

Bracelets are mostly 'One Size, adjustable', covering Small to Large. However, where fixed sizes are indicated, these are divided into three approximate categories:
Small:  Approximately  6-7½ inches (153-191mm)  circumference.
Medium:  Approximately  7-9 inches (178-229mm)  circumference.
Large:  Approximately  7½-9½ inches   (191-242mm)   circumference.
When suplemented with 'Adj.', a bangle has some degree of adjustment, usually achieved by gently squeezing open or closed to fit.
* CAUTION: Repeated over-bending of bangles will cause metal to fracture.
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Tightlace Corset Bangle
Provocative Victorian waist cinching, applied now to the sensual wrist.   ..
Desmodus Bracelet
The metaphor to capture that dark and dangerous creature that stalks the night.   ..
Black Swan Bracelet
Hidden in the fractal depths of the Swarovski, black diamond crystal, lies the message of love betwe..
Black Consort Wriststrap
The majestic raven, wings outstretched, gliding alongside its adopted squire offering protection and..
Viennese Nights Ribbon Bracelet
The quintessential creature of the night, fashioned in opulent Renaissance scrollwork defining the d..
Thunder Torque Bracelet
This lordly, iconic torque bangle must be that of a Scandinavian or Saxon pagan noble, won, almost i..
Bacchanal Rose Bracelet
A sumptuous bracelet with a romantic motif hiding, or revealing, a secret libertine passion for wine..
Rabeschadel Wriststrap
The great black bird is famous for it's prophetic powers, being Odin's messengers and capable of for..
The Dogaressa's Last Love
From the rich regalia of office, a last token of forlorn devotion from the bereaved Lady of the Pala..
No Man's Land
France, 1914 - few men had any hope of survival. Emerging from the bottomless mud and gore of the fi..
Gears of Aiwass
Listen to the whispering mind of the angel. Alistair Crowley's incorporeal intelligence and dictator..
Flocking Ravens
A circlet of ravens performs its calling, protects you and takes you to magical places. one Size Adj..
The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap
A rare and wondrous bestowal from the famed hero of early, roaring skies; Two tone pewter on dark br..
Eventide Bracelet
A colony of bats flit amongst the crystal stars in their frantic attempt to reach the mother of pear..
Thunderhammer Bracelet
The Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction, Mjollnir. Adjustable leather strap. &nbs..
Pirate Princess Leather Strap Bracelet
A sexy and feisty flourish from the age of daring grandiloquence. Leather strap with adjustable fast..
Skull And Briar Rose Bracelet
A beautiful romance, turned to death and ashes. Pewter and black resin with double ribbon fitting. ..
Killing Fields Bracelet
Assembled from the sobering detritus of all-out war. Available in two sizes.   ..
Betrothal Bracelet
A rococo masterpiece of romantic metaphor, with the blood red enamelled heart of passion. For matchi..
Vis Viva Bracelet
The living power; overwhelming energy and the force of life encircles and liberates the wearer; with..
Pentagration Bracelet
Magically intoned icon of power. Adjustable leather strap.   ..
Black Romance Bracelet
Wear your heart on your sleeve - a black heart, wrapped around your wrist by spreadeagled wings of e..
Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys Bracelet
Matron of both house and workshop-laboratory, this, her bracelet made-up of some of her many technol..
Passion Bracelet
A tangled cuff of bloody thorns, encrusted with Swarovski crystal drops; complementing the equally e..
Elizabethan Bracelet
Robert Dudley's original design for the tracery moulding above the North entrance to Kenilworth Cast..
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