Belt Buckles

Alchemy buckles are all cast in solid English pewter and are designed to be snapped onto a standard 1½ inch (38mm) belt strap (unless otherwise stated).

More buckles are available in the UL13 Alchemy category.

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Black Leather Belt Strap
High quality,1½ inch (38mm) wide, black split leather belt strap with press-stud fastenings to accep..
Plain Web Belt
Heavy duty, black cotton web belt strap, 1½ inch (38mm) wide, with metal eyelet holes and press-stud..
Rabeschadel Buckle
The great black bird is famous for it's prophetic powers, being Odin's messengers and capable of for..
War Band Buckle
The rune-cut battle shield and trusted sword of a Viking leader.   ..
Ram's Skull Buckle
Sacrifice for a pagan.   ..
Nevermore Skull Buckle
A study in destinal mortal reflection, and a solemn reminder of life's hopeless ephemerality. &nb..
No Evil Buckle
Just get on with life - and death; hear, speak and see NO EVIL!   ..
Anima Machinato Futurus Buckle
Latin meaning 'mechanised life to come'; the future of the human race. Pewter cross-section of a hum..
Vulture's Eye Buckle
Inspired by Edgar Alan Poe's repeated fascination with eyes, repeatedly expressed in his poems and s..
Letter Of Marque Buckle
An official, Royal warrant given to 'privateers' (pirates), authorising them to seize and destroy pr..
Wulven Buckle
Old English for 'of the wolf'... the children of the night. With translucent enamel.   &nb..
Omega Skull Belt Buckle
The enigmatic and infamous Alchemist, engraved with the wisdom of the ancients.   ..
Ossa Ravenhead Belt Buckle
The magnificent tri-metal, raven-winged helmet of the Viking deity for the warrior cult.   ..
Nosferatu's Hand
The withered, yet living hand of the infamous undead, insensitively embraces the strap. Dark pewter ..
Alchemist Rex
The king Alchemist skull is dominant with it's highly polished cranium and solid cast bronze rose be..
The Alchemist
The original Philosophus Magus portrait set with separate black rose. Two-Tone.   ..
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